Configurational layouts locate nodes at symmetric coordinates to help illustrate the particular layouts. Currently "triad" and "quad" layouts are available. The "configuration" layout will choose the appropriate configurational layout automatically.

layout_tbl_graph_configuration(.data, circular = FALSE, times = 1000)

layout_tbl_graph_triad(.data, circular = FALSE, times = 1000)

layout_tbl_graph_quad(.data, circular = FALSE, times = 1000)



An object of a manynet-consistent class:

  • matrix (adjacency or incidence) from {base} R

  • edgelist, a data frame from {base} R or tibble from {tibble}

  • igraph, from the {igraph} package

  • network, from the {network} package

  • tbl_graph, from the {tidygraph} package


Should the layout be transformed into a radial representation. Only possible for some layouts. Defaults to FALSE.


Maximum number of iterations, where appropriate

See also

Other mapping: graphr(), graphs(), grapht(), partition_layouts